Home Moving Tips

  • Start packing as soon as you can to allow yourself enough time to pack properly.
  • Generally, self packing will take about 2 weeks to complete. As such, start your packing as early as possible.
  • It is important to set aside essential items for easy access, eg. Medicine, clothing, infant food, pet-food, ID.
  • Go to any post office and notify them of your change of address, notify all government bodies of your new address. In addition, you should notify your lawyer, doctor, magazine & newspaper distributor, employer, friends, bank & finance companies about your change of address.
  • Book the elevator as soon as you know what time and date you will be moving.
  • Arrange with relevant authorities to cut-off utilities, internet and telephone lines.
  • Make arrangements for moving of your pets.
  • You can begin by discarding, selling or giving away things you won’t want to keep.
  • Use or get rid of perishable items.
  • Return all library books and borrowed items.
  • Label all boxes with their basic contents and their designated rooms. Each box has to be sealed securely with packing tape and be sure all items are well padded and fit snugly in the box or container.
  • Wrap dishes individually with paper or air-bubble materials.
  • Lampshades have to be packed in separate boxes.
  • Movable parts attached to appliances and electronics have to be secured properly or place these appliances into their original boxes.
  • Small appliances should be well padded and packed snugly in cartons. The weight of each carton should not exceed 20kg.
  • Freezer and refrigerator have to be defrosted, cleaned and deodorized prior to the move.
  • Drain garden hose, coil and collect ends. Tie or tape garden tools together.


  • Are your desks, cupboards, drawers emptied?
  • Are your supply cabinets cleared?
  • Are all wall items removed?
  • Are breakable items properly packed?
  • Are the equipment in your office disconnected?
  • Are your computer components properly disconnected and labelled?
  • Are all liquids drained from your equipment?


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  • MOVERS ON CALL offers a wide selection of competitively priced moving boxes and packing supplies. We deliver free of charge and will refund what you don't use.

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  • Start the packing process as soon as you know you're moving?. Begin by discarding items you do not plan to use at your new work space. Shred paper documents that are not of use and have a large bin or dumpster available for everyone to purge as they pack.